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Bun Bun Buttons… Super Berries With a Point

Super Berry Bun Bun buttons. Who wants some?

I need to make some more – I’ve been handing them out like candy. Which… actually… they kinda remind me of. When I opened up the design proofs I wanted to eat them up 🙂

Thanks to Ed of Xenographics who provides graphic design services in Raleigh-Durham, NC. And of course Eva, who helped with color choices and who makes contemporary, handmade jewelry as Rivet. Ed and I had a nice time banging out buttons in their workshop while Eva made a custom jewelry order.

Super Berry Bun Bun Brochures!

So the Super Berry Bun Bun brochures are finished. Whew! This is sort of a mini-rosetta stone for understanding the personality of the individual buns. I will be writing more about them here, as soon as each bun bun has its own page.



(I’m not sure why the back scanned in a lighter shade of pink. Maybe I need new pixel cartridges for my scanner?)

For the design/diy nerds:
I made them entirely on a photo copy machine – I did my layout with scotch tape. They are one half of 8 1/2×11 paper cut the long way. There are 5 bun buns, so 5 into 11 inches is roughly 2 3/16″. I designed them so that each brochure can be cut into sections and made into individual shirt tags. Some shirts have more than one design though.

Also note that the words on the left are all stencil-ready designs. I’m not sure when/if I’ll be cutting stencils for shirts that read “Super Berry Bun Buns” but I have a solid first draft done should I choose to. What I’d do is blow them up on the copy machine to work out all the little kinks in design and even out my line weights.

One thing I didn’t mention – the cut-out and stuff idea behind the designs. I hope that’s explanatory enough by looking at them. I can always revise the brochure of course.

One more note:
I misspelled the word “consistently” on the brochure. That’s right – I gave it an A instead of an E. So the question is should I spell it incorrectly on the website. For the sake of consistancy? Oh well 😀

Kristin Shirts: More Stencil Prints by Kristin!

My friend Kristin Munro-Leighton makes shirts using the same stencil and screen method that I use. LOTS of people use stencils and brushes or stencils and rollers. Only 3 people that I know of use stencils and screens.

Kristin’s work is awesome because it’s always highly personal, for friends and family and has inventive bridges or breaks in the design so that she doesn’t create any unattached islands.

I asked her to send me photos of her work and she did! Here they are, followed by links to her other designs that are already up. I don’t have the story on most of these shirts… and believe me, there’s LOTS of story about them!
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New Design: T Shirt + Stuffed Animals!!??

I’m so pumped about my new design – it’s giving me the jitters… here’s the long shot of it followed by a detail shot followed by the story of where they came from…

I got the idea from screen printed and stuffed cameras I saw in Flickr, linked to from one of my favorite stuffy inspiration blogs: Plush You! of the Schmancy Exhibit. They were kind of like this… but only on one plane.

At first I thought of screen printing little creatures onto regular fabric and then made the leap to printing them directly onto shirts and wearing them for awhile before cutting and stuffing them.

This is one of the toughest stencils I’ve ever cut… the lines are so small and the curves so tight I went through dozens of xacto blades…

I’m going to continue with the concept of printing stuffed creature templates right onto tshirts – my brain’s filled with new ideas along these lines and I can’t wait!

I’m ordering a mess of shirts soon for printing – if you want one of these shirts let me know! email: gfrench (A-T) Also wondering about names for these creatures. There are seven of them so I’m toying with a days of the week concept.

Yay for clothes that come with instructions for cutting them up and turning them into something else!

Abro Unblisted

Abro Unblisted: withdrawal
internal pressure: What do they think of my sudden withdrawal?
external behavior: Conversation bounces off of you like pebbles. You keep making motions like you’re about to leave and probably look like you need to vomit.
act: Acknowledge outloud that you’re having a reaction. Promise to update those around you when you’ve unraveled your feelings. Then excuse yourself. This may put the conversation in the direction you need to go. If not, give yourself permission to leave.

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Miko: anxious behavior
internal pressure: What do they think about my anxious behavior?
external behavior: Overly watchful for indications from others that they notice that you’re anxious.
act: Ask others, directly, if they’ve noticed your anxious behavior. Be specific, down to the exact twitches you’ve had. They may not have noticed at all, or may have been interpreting your discomfort incorrectly.

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Greejis: confidence
Internal pressure: What do they think about my confidence levels?
external behavior: Ask question to clarify what people think and you won’t need confidence to act – you’ll have information.

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Here’s Ben in a Greejis shirt – notice the warning sign to all those who come near his guns, which are forbidden beyond that point.


Here’s the amazing Mark Brown modeling Eeging:

Eeging: needy
internal pressure: What do they think about my need for attention?
external pressure: Hesitation sharing stories that cast you in a good light, hesitation in talking to people you’re attracted to.
act: Acknowledge your need for attention in some way. This will shake people up and help you determine if it’s even worth your time seeking their attention at all.

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About Mark Brown, model, musician and folklorist:
Mark “Bee” Brown in MySpace
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Please Send Pics of You Wearing Garrett Shirts

I think I’m pretty hot. I’m lucky that my wife does too. But I have a sense that GarrettShirts could be a lot more aesthetically interesting if I’m not the only person modeling my designs.

Do you have any pics of you wearing Garrett shirts?

If not, do you have any Garrett shirts?

If so then will you take a picture or two and send them to me?

I have a new tshirt project and I’d like to send you my latest design in exchange for hooking me up with your pic! Send2:

Thank you!