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Buny Pupu, First to Plushie

So the main conceit of the Super Berry Bun Buns is that they are cut-outable and sewable. Into stuffed animals. This concept has received raised eyebrows and 3 sales to date, but I’m still going to push with it a little bit more.

In that interest I bought 3 yards of fabric and printed some buns onto it. A couple nights ago I sewed up and stuffed my first buny pupu:

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Inky Bears – a One Off Stencil-Flipping TShirt Experiment

For the live tshirt printing at DesignBox I had to research a new method for printing… I didn’t want to use a screen because they clog quickly and have to be cleaned soon after you’re finished. Not great for one offs. I chose to use stencils, spray mount and these little roller brushes used for trim painting in houses.

While printing that night I thought of flipping the stencil and using 2 different colors. Every time you flip the stencil you’ll get the ink pressed on from the side you just printed. Make sense? So here’s an inky bear (my newest little critter) printed using this method:

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Live Printing the Super Berry Bun Buns: First Friday at Design Box!

Last night was First Friday here in Raleigh, NC and Ty “Tea Stick” Beddingford invited me down to the Design Box for some live t shirt printing… and to sell a few shirts from the Super Berry Bun Bun collection.

Here’s my little booth. So neat and tidy before I started printing! Thanks to Brandy for coming along and taking pictures and cutting/folding brochures/giving away buttons/giving away pistachios/inviting her friends/being awesome.

Most people are actually MORE astounded than the lady there in the middle, though far less sweet. She asked great questions about stencil printing but I had no idea what to tell her.
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Ghost Patrol – Holy Moses!

I’m subscribed to the Threadless newsletter – there’s always a design or two in there that really blow me away. This time I got hit by a tidal wave of awesome in the shape of Ghost Patrol. So first here’s their shirt:

Biro Battles and Bat Beasts:

What I love about it is the strange otherworldliness. Um, I mean it’s suggestive of a wider, broader and completely populated world. It’s something I aimed for with the Eliza and Bankman design, though without the sort of sketchy realism next to the sketchy fabulous.

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buny bubu

flava: strawberry

type: caustically happy

from the super berry bun bun personality quiz :
You are buny bubu! You are caustically happy – a burbling eruption of giddy delight. Why can’t the other bun buns keep up with you? You think buny pupu should spend more of that brain power on having fun – same with buny beper… that bun needs to RELAX! Buny beru is your friend and always enjoys your tricks. When you sleep one night a week you first sit in the soft, sad and soothing darkness with buny susu.

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buny beru

flava: blue raspberry

type: genuinely friendly

from the super berry bun bun personality quiz :
You are buny beru! You are genuinely friendly – an architect of friendship. You appreciate all the aspects of all the bun buns. You see how buny susu‘s sadness secretly compliments buny beper‘s enthusiasm. You see how buny bubu‘s spontaneity compliments buny pupu‘s more rigid demeanor. It pains you when they are not getting along, but when they are you take pride because you know it was in part due to your friendly little nudges.

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buny susu

flava: blackberry

type: comfortably sad

from the super berry bun bun personality quiz :
You are buny susu… You are sad, and you are comfortable being sad. Your favorite bun bun is buny beru, who listens and listens to your endless sadness which flows like warm fresh poetry from your heart. Buny pupu means well but doesn’t listen well. You believe over-cheery buny bubu has secret wells of hidden sadness. Buny beper is antagonistic and way too busy.

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buny pupu

flava: raspberry

type: unabashedly brainy

from the super berry bun bun personality quiz :
You are buny pupu! You are unabashedly brainy and take great pride in being called a nerd, dork or geek. Buny beper‘s your favorite bun because he needs your help on projects and buny beru‘s a great pal who always invites you over for pizza. You’ve tried to cheer up buny susu but get frustrated when the cheer doesn’t stick. Buny bubu interests you from a research perspective.

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