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Stencil Printing – I always design stencils. By pen, ink and a photo copier for enlargements. I like the design restrictions that stencils impose. I stay on the look out for various stencil-oriented printing methods. The vast majority of these I have never tried – I present them to you so you can take your pick from the available methods.

Here’s a video I made with Neal Hutcheson that describes my stencil + screen process: How To Stencil Screen Print T Shirts

One time use screen printing
Maker here uses a contact paper stencil . The advantage of contact paper is that it sticks directly to your screen and won’t migrate as you’re printing. The disadvantage is that you can’t use it more than once. So make sure you print LOTS of your design. Or just don’t care that you’re creating limited runs.

Another T-Shirt Stencil
(stencil and brush)
Here the creator uses freezer paper for his stencil and brushes on the ink with a paint brush. His results look really nice on a black shirt – I have had lots of problems printing white ink on black shirts.

Make a stenciled shirt with duct tape.
Like the title above implies, this tutorial tells you how to print a shirt using just duct tape. This method is as one-off as you could possibly get. Imagine trying to print 20 shirts using this method. How about 200. Still, I think this would be a really fun way to get kids screen printing or just to kick back and knock a shirt out.

Make a Sweet Stenciled T-Shirt (using a roller to apply the ink)
This tutorial writer uses mylar and a roller to apply the ink. I use mylar for all of my designs too, so props there. For largish runs this method would be decent. I really like this guy’s use of multiple colors in his flickr stream…

Awesome stencil T shirts (stenciling with discharge paste)
Stencils cut from mylar – the discharge paste apparently acts as a sort of bleach. This crafter used a second stage of stenciling to add color over the bleached out part. Very cool effect!

Stenciling a T-Shirt – freezer paper + apply design with paint brush
Here the crafter creates the stencil out of freezer paper and then irons it onto the shirt. Apparently it sticks, but not too much. The ink goes on with a paint brush.

Make T-Shirt Stencils from Freezer Paper
Includes links, not much here. Worth glancing at.

T-shirt Designs with Stencils and Bleach
A fun idea here – worth checking out if you’re into doing one offs! I’ve always found dark shirts difficult to print on. Bleach opens up whole new avenues here. Though I don’t think it would be great for larger print runs.

Silkscreen Print with Vinyl
This one comes pretty close to the technique that I and Bo use – except they’re using WAY fancier vinyl… it actually sticks to the screen! I make stencils of mylar that stick to the screen because of the dampness of the ink. Further I believe they’re using a computer to get the stencil onto the Vinyl somehow… That’s not how I roll, but it’s working for them.

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