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hoop and glue + other

lots of folks take an embroidery hoop, stretch a screen in it and block out their design using glue (I see mod podge mentioned a lot). That works for them and it might work for you. This section also catches other methods I find such as block printing on t shirts, which you’ll see down below.

uses glue to block the embroidery hoop screen:
Cheap screen printing tutorial
I probably don’t need to link to any other hoop and glue screen printing tutorials. This one’s got everything you’ll need to get started on the super-cheap. Not my style, but hey, the design turns out great plus it’s cheap. The crafter here suggests that you stretch your embroidery hoop with nylon stockings or even sheer curtains. Crazyness, but it works.

hoop and glue tutorial:
D.I.Y. Screen Printing
Panty hose again on this one – the crafter suggests using "mod podge" glue which apparently is non-soluble in water. This means you can reprint your designs.

At home silk screening on the cheap!
This one is worth checking out solely for the ambitious narrow lines that the crafter executes with glue. Very nice! I wouldn’t think to try and recreate such a narrow line drawing.

D.I.Y. Screen Printing by Threadbangers
Threadbangers use hoop and glue to screen print their logo. There’s a video too but I can’t watch it right now because my wife’s taking a nap on the couch.

block printing your tshirt
To me, this is NUTS! But I really like how it turned out… Who’d think to block print a tshirt when there are so many other methods available? Obviously someone who has some block printing in their background. I will have to try this method some time…

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