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Keyword: Cooperate Wear Ant during joyful collective efforts. Ant reminds us that team work is good work. Actions: feed the queen; raise a barn; share with your sisters; coordinate Ant is from the Power Prints series of shirts. Check out the Power Print T Shirt Series


Keyword: Patience Wear Mantis for the calm apprehension of what you seek. Mantis aids the wise use of precise, delicate violence. Actions: perform surgery; counsel friends; comprehend absence; collect insects Mantis is from the Power Prints series of tshirts. Check out the Power Print T Shirt Series

Space Tiger

Keyword: navigate Wear Space Tiger when thinking alien thoughts. Space Tiger enhances your internal sense of direction and facilitates the practice of light speed voodoo. Actions: write sci-fi poetry; learn Arabic; juggle lizards; return to earth Space Tiger is fugly, but awesome. The pic above is a scanned in photocopy from the Power Prints brochure. [...]


Keyword: dive Wear Turtle to harvest subconscious waters and return to land with fresh brain food. Turtle aids all things amphibious. Actions: dream lucidly; clean out the basement; immerse yourself; remember Here is my old friend Ed from lexington Ky’s Sqecial media in a shot by Eric Savage of the corndog brothers: Check out the [...]


Keyword: trick Wear Monkey to make constructive mischief. Monkey aids clever speech, helping you escape from tight situations. Actions: hang christmas lights on telephone poles; pay with cabbage; do the drive through backwards; cut the cheese (an image from the Power Prints brochure) Check out the Power Print T Shirt Series


Keyword: compose Wear snail when you’re alone, and glad to be! Snail enhances your unhurried spontaneity and helps you feel at home anywhere. Actions: make a collage; visit a museum alone; meditate at work; write one poem a year (this particular shirt is ancient… probably 7-8 years old.) (please note this is a scanned image [...]


Keyword: intrigue Wear Firecat to burn the unlimited creative fuel of mystery. Firecat invokes curiosity and encourages sly playfulness. Actions: paint a haiku; construct enigma: drink tea with a sailor, visit the Sphynx. Above is a scanned image from the brochure I made for the Power Prints… Check out the Power Print T Shirt Series


Keyword: Subvert Wear Chicken, the catalyst for any creative revolution! Chicken inspires the playful overthrow of authority and goofy intrigue. Actions: citizen’s arrest your boss; organize absurdity; jog covertly; clown Chicken was the very first design I put onto a tshirt back in ’99. Check out the Power Print T Shirt Series