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The Nice Toadbone Demon

The nice toadbone demon is one of the three toadbone demon brothers. He’s the nice one, and one of the sweetest characters in the comic. He’s very sweet to the point of being naive and generous with his love. Here’s his shining moment in the comic… it’s on page 30 >> Check out the whole [...]


Uncle is one of my favorite characters from the Echoboy comic. Well, I really enjoy wearing my shirt with his picture on it because I’m always a little bit more conniving and mean. Which sometimes is GOOD for me . Uncle plays a crucial and transformational role in the Echoboy comic. He’s the main antagonist [...]


Every story needs its bad guy with no redeeming quality except causing the main character to suffer some. Garubge is this stomping, angry, ravening beast from hell. Garubge swallows Echoboy whole on this page here >> Check out the whole Echoboy T Shirt Series.


Starbunkle represents the unexpected synthesis of unconscious and conscious desires. There are surprises awaiting you and this shirt prepares you to embrace what transformations may come when you follow your conscious desires to their logical and unexpected conclusions!!! Read the echoboy comic here to learn more about Starbunkle! >> Check out the whole Echoboy T [...]


Echobird is a secret. Um, I mean, Echobird is an important plot twist. And an awesome tshirt design… see? I’m not going to lead you directly to Echobird in the story… To get the full impact you kind of have to read the whole Echoboy comic. Sorry. I’ll just say that Echobird represents the resolve [...]


Starbaby is wonderful. She represents all that is wonderful and wild and free. That’s why Echoboy wants to chase her down so badly… You can read about Starbaby in the Echoboy comic… Here’s page one. Echoboy’s attachment to her is the catalyst for adventure. Here’s a handsome fellow wearing the Starbaby shirt. He’s been in [...]


Here is the Prometheus design: Prometheus is a kind hearted demon who learns to do what he feels is right. It’s not easy though. If you’d like to read the whole adventure of Prometheus and Echoboy you can start here on page one of the Echoboy comic >> Note that the flower in his hand [...]


This is Echoboy, chasing a heart. You can learn a lot that way. You can read all about Echoboy’s adventures in the Echoboy Comic (this link goes to page 1…). If you’d like to see what’s going on inside of Echoboy’s heart, check out this page from the comic (page 26) >> Here is my [...]