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Inkybear Stencil Experiments: Cloud, Spike, Lightning

I got really excited after the inkybear stencil flip experiments… I thought how cool it would be if the stencils ended in some kind of “texture” or pattern that I could bleed over with my roller. So I created 3 new stencils, all smaller than the one I made for the original inkybear stencil: Cloud, [...]

Quiz: What Super Berry Bun Bun Are You?

Here’s the Super Berry Bun Bun quiz for anyone who’d like to know which bun bun they are most like… Currently when it shows your results it has an eency bit of code up at the top… scroll past and you’ll get a glimpse into the depths of your soul.

Buny Pupu, First to Plushie

So the main conceit of the Super Berry Bun Buns is that they are cut-outable and sewable. Into stuffed animals. This concept has received raised eyebrows and 3 sales to date, but I’m still going to push with it a little bit more. In that interest I bought 3 yards of fabric and printed some [...]

Inky Bears – a One Off Stencil-Flipping TShirt Experiment

For the live tshirt printing at DesignBox I had to research a new method for printing… I didn’t want to use a screen because they clog quickly and have to be cleaned soon after you’re finished. Not great for one offs. I chose to use stencils, spray mount and these little roller brushes used for [...]

the extended bun bun family

flava: rainbow of fruit flavors type: almost all happy together See all the Super Berry Bun Bun designs!

buny bubu

flava: strawberry type: caustically happy from the super berry bun bun personality quiz : You are buny bubu! You are caustically happy – a burbling eruption of giddy delight. Why can’t the other bun buns keep up with you? You think buny pupu should spend more of that brain power on having fun – same [...]

buny beru

flava: blue raspberry type: genuinely friendly from the super berry bun bun personality quiz : You are buny beru! You are genuinely friendly – an architect of friendship. You appreciate all the aspects of all the bun buns. You see how buny susu‘s sadness secretly compliments buny beper‘s enthusiasm. You see how buny bubu‘s spontaneity [...]

buny susu

flava: blackberry type: comfortably sad from the super berry bun bun personality quiz : You are buny susu… You are sad, and you are comfortable being sad. Your favorite bun bun is buny beru, who listens and listens to your endless sadness which flows like warm fresh poetry from your heart. Buny pupu means well [...]

buny pupu

flava: raspberry type: unabashedly brainy from the super berry bun bun personality quiz : You are buny pupu! You are unabashedly brainy and take great pride in being called a nerd, dork or geek. Buny beper‘s your favorite bun because he needs your help on projects and buny beru‘s a great pal who always invites [...]

buny beper

flava: cherry berry type: consistently enthusiastic from the super berry bun bun personality quiz : You are buny beper! You are enthusiastic and energetic and you focus on getting things DONE. You value the intellectual input of buny pupu, as well as the good will that buny beru brings to projects. Buny bubu is too [...]