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Come Get Printed: GarrettShirts Live Printing at SparkCon this Saturday!

This is just a quick note to say that I’ll be vending a wide selection of Super Berry Bun Buns along with the remnants of my Echoboy and PoopSquad collections THIS SATURDAY at bazaarSPARK 2008 . Plus I’ll be LIVE PRINTING my new inkybear180 series, along with a North Carolina design. And Ty thinks the […]

Inkybear Stencil Experiments: Cloud, Spike, Lightning

I got really excited after the inkybear stencil flip experiments… I thought how cool it would be if the stencils ended in some kind of “texture” or pattern that I could bleed over with my roller. So I created 3 new stencils, all smaller than the one I made for the original inkybear stencil: Cloud, […]

Live Printing the Super Berry Bun Buns: First Friday at Design Box!

Last night was First Friday here in Raleigh, NC and Ty “Tea Stick” Beddingford invited me down to the Design Box for some live t shirt printing… and to sell a few shirts from the Super Berry Bun Bun collection. Here’s my little booth. So neat and tidy before I started printing! Thanks to Brandy […]

Eliza and Bankman on Ninja Fetus Blog…

Well it looks like the Ninja Fetus digs being featured so proudly on Eliza’s shield… check out the mention over at the Ninja Fetus blog: Ninja Fetus on Eliza and Bankman shirt >> Here’s the Eliza and Bankman shirt I made for Carmin, my step daughter >> I’m now at work on an Eliza and […]

New Design: T Shirt + Stuffed Animals!!??

I’m so pumped about my new design – it’s giving me the jitters… here’s the long shot of it followed by a detail shot followed by the story of where they came from… I got the idea from screen printed and stuffed cameras I saw in Flickr, linked to from one of my favorite stuffy […]

Please Send Pics of You Wearing Garrett Shirts

I think I’m pretty hot. I’m lucky that my wife does too. But I have a sense that GarrettShirts could be a lot more aesthetically interesting if I’m not the only person modeling my designs. Do you have any pics of you wearing Garrett shirts? If not, do you have any Garrett shirts? If so […]