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TShirt Marketing: TShirts Used to Sell Zombie Games and Rap Music

Professionally I’m an online marketer – the co-founder of Ontolo, a link building services company. When I see business and marketing innovations involving tshirts I get very interested! Here are a couple of innovations that recently caught my eye: Pull this shirt over your head to become a zombie (and help promote Resident Evil): How […]

Interactive Shirt Ideas – Burbling Concepts in the Stewpot

Had a date day in Chapel Hill/Carrboro yesterday with Brandy and we stopped in at Wootini. There I met Mike and we talked about interactive shirt ideas after I pitched him on the Super Berry Bun Buns (I think he dug them). Wootini website Wootini MySpace He has a past in miniatures/toys that you can […]

TShirt Animation

So while I was working with Neal Hutcheson recently on our how-to video project I thought of doing animation on a tshirt… the idea’s been knocking around for a couple weeks now and it won’t go away. That’s usually a good sign. So I was telling my buddy Eric Savage about the concept and he […]

Inky Bears – a One Off Stencil-Flipping TShirt Experiment

For the live tshirt printing at DesignBox I had to research a new method for printing… I didn’t want to use a screen because they clog quickly and have to be cleaned soon after you’re finished. Not great for one offs. I chose to use stencils, spray mount and these little roller brushes used for […]

Ghost Patrol – Holy Moses!

I’m subscribed to the Threadless newsletter – there’s always a design or two in there that really blow me away. This time I got hit by a tidal wave of awesome in the shape of Ghost Patrol. So first here’s their shirt: Biro Battles and Bat Beasts: What I love about it is the strange […]