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Greejis: confidence Internal pressure: What do they think about my confidence levels? external behavior: Ask question to clarify what people think and you won’t need confidence to act – you’ll have information. Check out the Poop Squad T Shirt Series Here’s Ben in a Greejis shirt – notice the warning sign to all those who [...]


Here’s the amazing Mark Brown modeling Eeging: Eeging: needy internal pressure: What do they think about my need for attention? external pressure: Hesitation sharing stories that cast you in a good light, hesitation in talking to people you’re attracted to. act: Acknowledge your need for attention in some way. This will shake people up and [...]

wim rider

the wim rider mumble collector finder of lost thoughts pirate instructor Check out the whole Ocana Clan T Shirt Series Here’s Monica Willett modeling a wim rider hoodie: the wim rider comes from the Ocana Clan collection of designs.


Keyword: dive Wear Turtle to harvest subconscious waters and return to land with fresh brain food. Turtle aids all things amphibious. Actions: dream lucidly; clean out the basement; immerse yourself; remember Here is my old friend Ed from lexington Ky’s Sqecial media in a shot by Eric Savage of the corndog brothers: Check out the [...]


Here is the Prometheus design: Prometheus is a kind hearted demon who learns to do what he feels is right. It’s not easy though. If you’d like to read the whole adventure of Prometheus and Echoboy you can start here on page one of the Echoboy comic >> Note that the flower in his hand [...]