Garrett Shirts



Symbolizes: Introspective, Wavering, Transformative Pursuit


Symbolizes: Radical Adaptation to Catastrophic Emotional Dismemberment


Symbolizes: Personal Esteem through Creative Passions


Symbolizes: Allure of Contentment through Others

Toadbone Demon

Symbolizes: Naive Faith in Generosity


Symbolizes: Destruction that Forces New Growth


Symbolizes: Positive, Unexpected Transformations through Destructive Pursuits


Symbolizes: Greed, Hunger, Anguish, Control

About the Echoboy Series:
The Echoboy series of tshirts comes from the Echoboy comic I started working on when I lived in Lexington Kentucky. I started the comic to take a break on a novel. Then I started and finished the Poop Squad series of shirts while taking a break from the Echoboy Comic.


  1. […] shirt is a one off for family and NOT for sale… You can buy Echoboy shirts if you want though […]

  2. […] that I’ll be vending a wide selection of Super Berry Bun Buns along with the remnants of my Echoboy and PoopSquad collections THIS SATURDAY at bazaarSPARK 2008 […]

  3. […] Documentary filmmaker Neal Hutcheson and I traded services to make this 6 part video on stencil screen printing, a tedious but very low-cost way of mass producing t shirts. This is how I make all my shirts, from the Super Berry Bun Buns to the Echoboy t shirt series. […]

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