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TShirt Marketing: TShirts Used to Sell Zombie Games and Rap Music

Professionally I’m an online marketer – the co-founder of Ontolo, a link building services company. When I see business and marketing innovations involving tshirts I get very interested!

Here are a couple of innovations that recently caught my eye:

Pull this shirt over your head to become a zombie (and help promote Resident Evil):

How fun and smart is that? If only there were little eyeholes there so you could see through… I can think of tons of other funny faces/masks to print on the inside… This concept is actually screaming out for more innovation and for someone to take the idea and push it further.
from Capcom’s Clever Resident Evil Promo Tees

Mos Def Album Launches on TShirts…

There was a story I geeked about a couple years ago – these tshirts getting sold at Target that came with video games. It flipped my lid because all of a sudden the thing that takes the most work – programming a video game – becomes something that’s given away and the shirt is what’s making money. Mos Def must have noticed those shirts ;P Or not, but he or his business managers certainly recognized that music is increasingly “free” and you’ve got to sell something physical to get paid. Very interesting!
Mos Def launches New Album on a T-shirt

More innovative tshirt stuff:
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