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Interactive Shirt Ideas – Burbling Concepts in the Stewpot

Had a date day in Chapel Hill/Carrboro yesterday with Brandy and we stopped in at Wootini. There I met Mike and we talked about interactive shirt ideas after I pitched him on the Super Berry Bun Buns (I think he dug them).

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He has a past in miniatures/toys that you can play games with. I really want to bring shirts in this direction. Somehow (haven’t gotten this part down yet). Like some kind of wearable "paper rock scissors" game where you’re wearing adorable robotic bunny warriors. And there are random numbers printed in your armpits and if your pit scores are higher then you beat the contenders? Yeesh – the mechanics are a damn mess, but I can’t shake the concept.

Anyways, Mike suggested 2 awesome ideas for interactive shirts…
One is printing GPS coordinates on a shirt and then hiding a companion shirt at that location. So when you buy the shirt you’re actually buying a ticket to a treasure hunt. Pretty f-ing sweet idea. Plus you could hide toys/merchandise out there instead of a companion shirt.

The other concept was a development of the first idea. Basically you take 2 of the same sized shirts, same designs. The shirts are different colors. You cut out and switch the design element on both shirts. For example on this toad bone design:

…you’d cut out the heart and sew it onto the other.

I stocked up on some back issues of Juxtapose while Brandy fliered the shop for the upcoming CRG vs. Tucson bout… Thanks Mike! Also we randomly met Ian while fliering on the streets of Chapel Hill… so now we’re definitely going to the Hi Mom film fest !

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