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Inkybear Stencil Experiments: Cloud, Spike, Lightning

I got really excited after the inkybear stencil flip experiments… I thought how cool it would be if the stencils ended in some kind of “texture” or pattern that I could bleed over with my roller.

So I created 3 new stencils, all smaller than the one I made for the original inkybear stencil: Cloud, Spike and Lightning.

Here’s a hero shot of the Lightning group (the best of the bunch):

inkybear Cloud

inkybear Spike

inkybear Lightning

inkybear Stencils Used

inkybear Art Director
This is ms. bella, making sure I take regular pet breaks and don’t overwork myself. Thank you ms. pretty cat!

My Conclusions
As a whole, I’m not happy with the inquiry. At least, I’m not excited with the results. I think there’s some interesting stuff starting to happen with the lighting inkybear but the others aren’t doing much for me. In all I remain the most excited about the live printing I did at the Design Box. There I didn’t flip any stencils at all, but rather used spray mount. I still think there’s something starting to happen in the first inkybear stencil flip experiment, but these shaped stencils aren’t a step I’ll be going with very far.

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  1. bojangles says:

    i love inkybearrrrrrrrrr