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So while I was working with Neal Hutcheson recently on our how-to video project I thought of doing animation on a tshirt… the idea’s been knocking around for a couple weeks now and it won’t go away. That’s usually a good sign. So I was telling my buddy Eric Savage about the concept and he quickly found me 2 videos of tshirt animation. DOH! Half the reason I was excited was because I thought no one had done it yet. Oh well, I will have to do it better.

Here they are, for my future reference:
First and most important is the making of video…

Oh yeah, and here’s their final product:

For me it doesn’t work. I mean, why tshirts? What do shirts have to do with sandwiches? Did they do shirts just because it hasn’t been done before? That’s not a good enough reason!! (jk – I’m just jealous. but shirts don’t actually make sense)

update: according to the originators, Colle + McAvoy, they were targeting college kids. That’s why the tshirts. Plus they wanted it to spread on YouTube so it had to be a fresh, sparkly concept.

And here’s a video that I played over and over because it’s so catchy:

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