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Live Printing the Super Berry Bun Buns: First Friday at Design Box!

Last night was First Friday here in Raleigh, NC and Ty “Tea Stick” Beddingford invited me down to the Design Box for some live t shirt printing… and to sell a few shirts from the Super Berry Bun Bun collection.

Here’s my little booth. So neat and tidy before I started printing! Thanks to Brandy for coming along and taking pictures and cutting/folding brochures/giving away buttons/giving away pistachios/inviting her friends/being awesome.

Most people are actually MORE astounded than the lady there in the middle, though far less sweet. She asked great questions about stencil printing but I had no idea what to tell her.

I think this gentleman may have wanted me to screen print his wing wang. He was very nice and very comfortable in close quarters. Perhaps he spent time on a submarine?


I don’t know who these two guys were. They stood right by my booth until I pretended I saw a little robot passing out grape kool aid.

Eva made a sign for me and reminded people that the bun buns cost $25. Thanks Eva! She makes contemporary, handmade jewelry in Raleigh NC.

The friendly CRG family rolled out, thanks to a MySpace announcement and emails from Brandy and Dave. I threw bun bun buttons out to them like candy from a parade float. Thanks for coming by!

Reva narrowly escaped without a shirt – I’m making one special for her.

Here’s Mr. Will Alphin looking over my shirts. Man this guy was a tough customer! He made me fold and refold every shirt and he tried them all on to get just the right design placement to augment his physique. Check out his website Alphin Design Build for some suh-WEET house designs! Maybe he will make one for the bun buns?

At last, a satisfied customer!

Beers, bun buns, my bald spot and my baby. This picture’s by Mr. Sam Bennett and I don’t have permission to post it… man I hope he doesn’t sue me.

Since it was our date night, Brandy and I got some pizza from Moonlight Pizza afterwards.

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  1. Dad French says:

    Neat, neat job, Garrett! Looks like you did really well, even with close-talkers and robot walkers. I’m so proud to be wearing one of your shirts RIGHT NOW!!! And thanks to Brandy, too, for her photo work. When’s the next demo night? I might be in town!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Dad! Maybe we can do a demo at the L-Ville bout when you play the national anthem on hammer dulcimer. I’ll do a fleur de lis 🙂

  3. Brandon says:

    I love the expression on that lady’s face! So sad I missed this. Gotta subscribe to your RSS feed. (What an age we live in……keeping track of friends via RSS)

  4. admin says:

    Hey Brandon! Yeah, that lady was so sweet. I didn’t get the word out on this because I was a little nervous how it was going to go… I’ll contact you personally the next time I’m doing an event. Subscribing to my feed will work too though 😀 Good to hear from you.


  5. Al says:

    When is the next one?

  6. admin says:

    Al! Thanks for stopping by!

    Um… the next one is… let’s see here.

    When do you go out of town next?

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  8. sarah powers says:

    you are the coolest. i’m sorry i missed this demo and the robot handing out kool-aid.

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  10. george says:

    good job at how you add finesse to your work
    i have been trying my hands at printing but i alwasys mess it up
    do u have any pointers for me