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Video: How To Stencil Screen Print T Shirts

When I started the GarrettShirts site I did lots of research on screen printing "how to’s," looking for someone who used the same techniques I do. I found some folks who came close. None that I found tried to get multiple uses out of their stencils though. Further, since most people use computers to "stencilize" [...]

Interactive Shirt Ideas – Burbling Concepts in the Stewpot

Had a date day in Chapel Hill/Carrboro yesterday with Brandy and we stopped in at Wootini. There I met Mike and we talked about interactive shirt ideas after I pitched him on the Super Berry Bun Buns (I think he dug them). Wootini website Wootini MySpace He has a past in miniatures/toys that you can [...]

Inkybear Stencil Experiments: Cloud, Spike, Lightning

I got really excited after the inkybear stencil flip experiments… I thought how cool it would be if the stencils ended in some kind of “texture” or pattern that I could bleed over with my roller. So I created 3 new stencils, all smaller than the one I made for the original inkybear stencil: Cloud, [...]

TShirt Animation

So while I was working with Neal Hutcheson recently on our how-to video project I thought of doing animation on a tshirt… the idea’s been knocking around for a couple weeks now and it won’t go away. That’s usually a good sign. So I was telling my buddy Eric Savage about the concept and he [...]

Quiz: What Super Berry Bun Bun Are You?

Here’s the Super Berry Bun Bun quiz for anyone who’d like to know which bun bun they are most like… Currently when it shows your results it has an eency bit of code up at the top… scroll past and you’ll get a glimpse into the depths of your soul.

Buny Pupu, First to Plushie

So the main conceit of the Super Berry Bun Buns is that they are cut-outable and sewable. Into stuffed animals. This concept has received raised eyebrows and 3 sales to date, but I’m still going to push with it a little bit more. In that interest I bought 3 yards of fabric and printed some [...]

Inky Bears – a One Off Stencil-Flipping TShirt Experiment

For the live tshirt printing at DesignBox I had to research a new method for printing… I didn’t want to use a screen because they clog quickly and have to be cleaned soon after you’re finished. Not great for one offs. I chose to use stencils, spray mount and these little roller brushes used for [...]

Live Printing the Super Berry Bun Buns: First Friday at Design Box!

Last night was First Friday here in Raleigh, NC and Ty “Tea Stick” Beddingford invited me down to the Design Box for some live t shirt printing… and to sell a few shirts from the Super Berry Bun Bun collection. Here’s my little booth. So neat and tidy before I started printing! Thanks to Brandy [...]