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Super Berry Bun Bun Brochures!

So the Super Berry Bun Bun brochures are finished. Whew! This is sort of a mini-rosetta stone for understanding the personality of the individual buns. I will be writing more about them here, as soon as each bun bun has its own page.



(I’m not sure why the back scanned in a lighter shade of pink. Maybe I need new pixel cartridges for my scanner?)

For the design/diy nerds:
I made them entirely on a photo copy machine – I did my layout with scotch tape. They are one half of 8 1/2×11 paper cut the long way. There are 5 bun buns, so 5 into 11 inches is roughly 2 3/16″. I designed them so that each brochure can be cut into sections and made into individual shirt tags. Some shirts have more than one design though.

Also note that the words on the left are all stencil-ready designs. I’m not sure when/if I’ll be cutting stencils for shirts that read “Super Berry Bun Buns” but I have a solid first draft done should I choose to. What I’d do is blow them up on the copy machine to work out all the little kinks in design and even out my line weights.

One thing I didn’t mention – the cut-out and stuff idea behind the designs. I hope that’s explanatory enough by looking at them. I can always revise the brochure of course.

One more note:
I misspelled the word “consistently” on the brochure. That’s right – I gave it an A instead of an E. So the question is should I spell it incorrectly on the website. For the sake of consistancy? Oh well 😀

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