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buny beru

flava: blue raspberry

type: genuinely friendly

from the super berry bun bun personality quiz :
You are buny beru! You are genuinely friendly – an architect of friendship. You appreciate all the aspects of all the bun buns. You see how buny susu‘s sadness secretly compliments buny beper‘s enthusiasm. You see how buny bubu‘s spontaneity compliments buny pupu‘s more rigid demeanor. It pains you when they are not getting along, but when they are you take pride because you know it was in part due to your friendly little nudges.

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  1. […] nerd, dork or geek. Buny beper’s your favorite bun because he needs your help on projects and buny beru’s a great pal who always invites you over for pizza. You’ve tried to cheer up buny susu […]