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Bun Bun Buttons… Super Berries With a Point

Super Berry Bun Bun buttons. Who wants some?

I need to make some more – I’ve been handing them out like candy. Which… actually… they kinda remind me of. When I opened up the design proofs I wanted to eat them up 🙂

Thanks to Ed of Xenographics who provides graphic design services in Raleigh-Durham, NC. And of course Eva, who helped with color choices and who makes contemporary, handmade jewelry as Rivet. Ed and I had a nice time banging out buttons in their workshop while Eva made a custom jewelry order.

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  1. […] CRG family rolled out, thanks to a MySpace announcement and emails from Brandy and Dave. I threw bun bun buttons out to them like candy from a parade float. Thanks for coming […]