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Kristin Shirts: More Stencil Prints by Kristin!

My friend Kristin Munro-Leighton makes shirts using the same stencil and screen method that I use. LOTS of people use stencils and brushes or stencils and rollers. Only 3 people that I know of use stencils and screens.

Kristin’s work is awesome because it’s always highly personal, for friends and family and has inventive bridges or breaks in the design so that she doesn’t create any unattached islands.

I asked her to send me photos of her work and she did! Here they are, followed by links to her other designs that are already up. I don’t have the story on most of these shirts… and believe me, there’s LOTS of story about them!

This one has incredible bridges but they don’t show well in this photo… I always like to look at this one up close and admire her cutting!

These cloggers have a lot of life and motion to them… plus she stencil cut a flowing script. Wow!

This one is pretty blurry… I’m pretty sure it’s a print for a friend who likes cooking.

I have a print of this one in red – I love the flowing swirlies coming off the dragon’s body.

Kristin spent time in China… can you tell?

Also, Kristin is an activist.

I have no idea what this one means, but I like it!:

Thanks for sending me your designs Kristin!

More stencil design inspiration from Kristin:
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