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Eliza and Bankman on Ninja Fetus Blog…

Well it looks like the Ninja Fetus digs being featured so proudly on Eliza’s shield… check out the mention over at the Ninja Fetus blog: Ninja Fetus on Eliza and Bankman shirt >> Here’s the Eliza and Bankman shirt I made for Carmin, my step daughter >> I’m now at work on an Eliza and [...]

Kristin Shirts: More Stencil Prints by Kristin!

My friend Kristin Munro-Leighton makes shirts using the same stencil and screen method that I use. LOTS of people use stencils and brushes or stencils and rollers. Only 3 people that I know of use stencils and screens. Kristin’s work is awesome because it’s always highly personal, for friends and family and has inventive bridges [...]

New Design: T Shirt + Stuffed Animals!!??

I’m so pumped about my new design – it’s giving me the jitters… here’s the long shot of it followed by a detail shot followed by the story of where they came from… I got the idea from screen printed and stuffed cameras I saw in Flickr, linked to from one of my favorite stuffy [...]