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Kristin designed this shirt for her sister, Colleen Munro-Leighton who’s studying for her PHD in chemistry at NCState. This represents a molecule that Colleen made. I can’t pronounce it but it does have the phrase “nac-nac” in it which makes it a favorite amongst friends and family. This shirt blew my brains in terms of its detail and fine cutting skills.

Here’s the text on the back, hand cut from a computer print out:

Wow! Nice work Kristin.

This is a design by Kristin Munro-Leighton.

Here are some of Colleen’s publications:
2. “Anti-Markovnikov Michael Addition Reactions of Amines and Alcohols Catalyzed by Well-Defined Cu(I) Anilido, Ethoxide and Phenoxide Systems” Munro-Leighton, C., Blue, E. B., Gunnoe, T. B.* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2006, 128, 1446-1447.

1. “Cleavage of X-H Bonds (X = N, O, or C) by Cu(I) Alkyl Complexes to Form Monomeric Two-Coordinate Cu(I) Systems” Goj, L. A., Blue, E. B., Munro-Leighton, C., Gunnoe, T. B.*, Petersen, J. L. Inorg. Chem. 2005, 44, 8647-8649.

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