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Eliza and Bankman

I designed this shirt for Carmin my step daughter. She and I are going to work on a dog-rider to add to the series of princesses who ride animals, smile and carry weapons. This design inspired me because it forced me to cut narrow lines… I’m more comfortable “composing” my stencils with shapes than lines usually.

Do note that this is the Ninja Fetus… yes THE Ninja Fetus by Fort Cloudy on Eliza’s shield. He’s the emblem of her princessdom. Carmin gave me a Ninja Fetus for Christmas this year and I wanted to make sure he felt included.

I am tired in this picture because we just got back from breakfast and had Brandy’s birthday party yesterday.

This shirt is a one off for family and NOT for sale… You can buy Echoboy shirts if you want though :D.

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  1. Fort Cloudy says:

    That is so cute! How sweet. I want one of these shirts!! Will you make me one?

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