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Here is the Prometheus design:

Prometheus is a kind hearted demon who learns to do what he feels is right. It’s not easy though. If you’d like to read the whole adventure of Prometheus and Echoboy you can start here on page one of the Echoboy comic >>

Note that the flower in his hand is an allusion to a line from the comic. I’m not telling which line though! This image of Prometheus attempts to depict him in an important moment that’s not actually shown in the comic.

You can skip ahead to Prometheus’ most dramatic scene if you want… but it will kind of spoil the rest of the story. It’s ok – I understand. Here’s Prometheus on page 40. He’s been chained to a rock for preventing Uncle from cooking Star Baby.

Here’s my friend Ben Wills modeling a tshirt. I believe he’s available for other modeling gigs. If you’d like I will put you in touch with him.

Check out the whole Echoboy T Shirt Series.

Here’s Monica Willett proudly wearing her Prometheus shirt:

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