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Abro Unblisted

Abro Unblisted: withdrawal internal pressure: What do they think of my sudden withdrawal? external behavior: Conversation bounces off of you like pebbles. You keep making motions like you’re about to leave and probably look like you need to vomit. act: Acknowledge outloud that you’re having a reaction. Promise to update those around you when you’ve [...]


Miko: anxious behavior internal pressure: What do they think about my anxious behavior? external behavior: Overly watchful for indications from others that they notice that you’re anxious. act: Ask others, directly, if they’ve noticed your anxious behavior. Be specific, down to the exact twitches you’ve had. They may not have noticed at all, or may [...]


Greejis: confidence Internal pressure: What do they think about my confidence levels? external behavior: Ask question to clarify what people think and you won’t need confidence to act – you’ll have information. Check out the Poop Squad T Shirt Series Here’s Ben in a Greejis shirt – notice the warning sign to all those who [...]


Here’s the amazing Mark Brown modeling Eeging: Eeging: needy internal pressure: What do they think about my need for attention? external pressure: Hesitation sharing stories that cast you in a good light, hesitation in talking to people you’re attracted to. act: Acknowledge your need for attention in some way. This will shake people up and [...]

Please Send Pics of You Wearing Garrett Shirts

I think I’m pretty hot. I’m lucky that my wife does too. But I have a sense that GarrettShirts could be a lot more aesthetically interesting if I’m not the only person modeling my designs. Do you have any pics of you wearing Garrett shirts? If not, do you have any Garrett shirts? If so [...]

North Carolina Design

My wife (you probably know her as Roxy Rockett) designed this simple and highly wearable design of the state of North Carolina. You don’t have to take this shirt off and spin it around your head like a helicopter… you’re already representing hard enough just by putting it on.

Chemistry TShirt

Kristin designed this shirt for her sister, Colleen Munro-Leighton who’s studying for her PHD in chemistry at NCState. This represents a molecule that Colleen made. I can’t pronounce it but it does have the phrase “nac-nac” in it which makes it a favorite amongst friends and family. This shirt blew my brains in terms of [...]

4 Dimension Cube

Emily Saltzman designed this shirt – inspired by a math class at Warren Wilson. She cut the original stencil out of a brown paper bag if I remember correctly. If you look at it right you can see the multi-dimensional cubes built around each other in some wonderful geometrical goodness. Design by Emily Saltzman.

Rhubarb Pie Shirt

Arlyce Menzies drew this image, but I think I cut it… and her brother came up with it. His girlfriend challenged him to change his pessimistic outlook on life and so he asked for help making a shirt that showed one of the things in life that he really really likes. I think it’s a [...]

Pigu Soccer Team Shirt

Over the years Kristin has given me a shirt or two that I especially admired. This one faded so wonderfully and it’s on a nice royal blue shirt that’s kind of thick but really really soft. She gave it to me, lucky me! Here’s the front: And the back: This design is by Kristin Munro-Leighton