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TShirt Marketing: TShirts Used to Sell Zombie Games and Rap Music

Professionally I’m an online marketer – the co-founder of Ontolo, a link building services company. When I see business and marketing innovations involving tshirts I get very interested!

Here are a couple of innovations that recently caught my eye:

Pull this shirt over your head to become a zombie (and help promote Resident Evil):

How fun and smart is that? If only there were little eyeholes there so you could see through… I can think of tons of other funny faces/masks to print on the inside… This concept is actually screaming out for more innovation and for someone to take the idea and push it further.
from Capcom’s Clever Resident Evil Promo Tees

Mos Def Album Launches on TShirts…

There was a story I geeked about a couple years ago – these tshirts getting sold at Target that came with video games. It flipped my lid because all of a sudden the thing that takes the most work – programming a video game – becomes something that’s given away and the shirt is what’s making money. Mos Def must have noticed those shirts ;P Or not, but he or his business managers certainly recognized that music is increasingly “free” and you’ve got to sell something physical to get paid. Very interesting!
Mos Def launches New Album on a T-shirt

More innovative tshirt stuff:
TShirt Animation
Interactive Shirt Ideas – Burbling Concepts in the Stewpot

Garrett Shirts vs. BazaarSpark: an Ink Spattered Extravaganza

It’s been over a week now and I’m slowly descending from the highs of the Bazaar Spark. Brandy camerad the whole thing but we’re having Flickr difficulties so I had to grab an image from the inestimable AaronZ.

Here’s me pitching the Super Berry Bun Buns:

In case you just can’t get enough of Garrett Shirts, here’s Live Printing the Super Berry Bun Buns: First Friday at Design Box!

Jesus Christ SUPER SHIRT from Mark Bee

My friend Mark Brown (check out the Mark Brown solo music projects and his band, Red Shade Blue) watched my stencil tshirt making tutorial and then made and sent me a shirt…

Here I am proudly wearing it before Brandy and I went out to pint night (it’s a logo from Jesus Christ Super Star):

Mark Bee and I are both big fans of the incredible rock opera Jesus Christ Super Star. Here’s my favorite jam:

Thank you Mark Brown.

Come Get Printed: GarrettShirts Live Printing at SparkCon this Saturday!

This is just a quick note to say that I’ll be vending a wide selection of Super Berry Bun Buns along with the remnants of my Echoboy and PoopSquad collections THIS SATURDAY at bazaarSPARK 2008 .

Plus I’ll be LIVE PRINTING my new inkybear180 series, along with a North Carolina design. And Ty thinks the SparkCon crew will be bringing me a SparkCon burning head guy stencil.

Bring me a light-colored blank article of clothing and I’ll put some designs on it in black ink only.

Who: Garrett Shirts + 30 other vendors
Where: Moore Square in downtown Raleigh
When: 10-5

I hope to see you there for some live, monochromatic yet still dramatic printing 😀


Video: How To Stencil Screen Print T Shirts

When I started the GarrettShirts site I did lots of research on screen printing "how to’s," looking for someone who used the same techniques I do. I found some folks who came close. None that I found tried to get multiple uses out of their stencils though.

Further, since most people use computers to "stencilize" their artwork I didn’t see any discussion about how to design strong, durable stencils that will withstand multiple printings.

Documentary filmmaker Neal Hutcheson and I traded services to make this 6 part video on stencil screen printing, a tedious but very low-cost way of mass producing t shirts. This is how I make all my shirts, from the Super Berry Bun Buns to the Echoboy t shirt series.

So grab a tasty beverage, pull up a chair and come with me on a journey to the wonderful world of stencil screen printing (and watch for special appearance by my kitty cat Jack Jack).

How To Stencil Screen Print T Shirts (1-2)
1) Image to Stencil
2) Prepping to Cut Stencil

How To Stencil Screen Print T Shirts (3-4)
3) Cutting Stencils
4) Prepping the Shirts

How To Stencil Screen Print T Shirts (5-6)
5) Printing with Screen and Stencil
6) Clean Up/Setting the Ink

Interactive Shirt Ideas – Burbling Concepts in the Stewpot

Had a date day in Chapel Hill/Carrboro yesterday with Brandy and we stopped in at Wootini. There I met Mike and we talked about interactive shirt ideas after I pitched him on the Super Berry Bun Buns (I think he dug them).

Wootini website
Wootini MySpace

He has a past in miniatures/toys that you can play games with. I really want to bring shirts in this direction. Somehow (haven’t gotten this part down yet). Like some kind of wearable "paper rock scissors" game where you’re wearing adorable robotic bunny warriors. And there are random numbers printed in your armpits and if your pit scores are higher then you beat the contenders? Yeesh – the mechanics are a damn mess, but I can’t shake the concept.

Anyways, Mike suggested 2 awesome ideas for interactive shirts…
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Inkybear Stencil Experiments: Cloud, Spike, Lightning

I got really excited after the inkybear stencil flip experiments… I thought how cool it would be if the stencils ended in some kind of “texture” or pattern that I could bleed over with my roller.

So I created 3 new stencils, all smaller than the one I made for the original inkybear stencil: Cloud, Spike and Lightning.

Here’s a hero shot of the Lightning group (the best of the bunch):

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TShirt Animation

So while I was working with Neal Hutcheson recently on our how-to video project I thought of doing animation on a tshirt… the idea’s been knocking around for a couple weeks now and it won’t go away. That’s usually a good sign. So I was telling my buddy Eric Savage about the concept and he quickly found me 2 videos of tshirt animation. DOH! Half the reason I was excited was because I thought no one had done it yet. Oh well, I will have to do it better.

Here they are, for my future reference:
First and most important is the making of video…

Oh yeah, and here’s their final product:

For me it doesn’t work. I mean, why tshirts? What do shirts have to do with sandwiches? Did they do shirts just because it hasn’t been done before? That’s not a good enough reason!! (jk – I’m just jealous. but shirts don’t actually make sense)

update: according to the originators, Colle + McAvoy, they were targeting college kids. That’s why the tshirts. Plus they wanted it to spread on YouTube so it had to be a fresh, sparkly concept.

And here’s a video that I played over and over because it’s so catchy:

Uploaded by edbangerrecords

Quiz: What Super Berry Bun Bun Are You?

Here’s the Super Berry Bun Bun quiz for anyone who’d like to know which bun bun they are most like… Currently when it shows your results it has an eency bit of code up at the top… scroll past and you’ll get a glimpse into the depths of your soul.

“; echo $show_quizcommander; }else{ echo”
What Super Berry Bun Bun Are You? – Take the Quiz
The Super Berry Bun Bun quiz helps you determine which Bun Bun you most resemble. That doesn’t mean you will like that Bun Bun best. In all likelihood you will like one of the complimentary buns better than your own.
1. When you jump off the high dive you would most likely say:
Group jump… WHEEEE!
This is my last jump. I have to go do some -SPLASH-
There is over a ninety-nine percent chance I will survive!
Oh no. Not again.
Look look look look look!
2. If your friend is sad you:
Bring over a neat project to work on together
Deduce the cause of sadness and provide solutions.
Cry softly, right along with them.
Listen. Nod. Console.
Make jokes, do tricks, smile broadly until they smile back.
3. If you could fill a building with ONE thing it would be:
Industrious, energetic people, bustling with productivity.
Your friends.
A gentle, enveloping darkness.
Calculators and chalkboards for a big math party!
4. Love is:
awkward anguish, somehow addictive.
A carnival ride. WHEEEEEEEEE!
A confusing, occasionally delightful biological impulse.
The glue of true friends and family
The best way to learn about yourself and others.
5. What powers your faster than light rocket ship?
Well, theoretically faster than light travel would be impossible.
A giggle engine.
A velvety sadness.
Pure will and a touch of cheer.
6. A cardboard box is:
A good place to hide and feel your feelings.
A good place to hide and jump out at people.
Useful for storing and carrying the fruits of your labors.
A place for small friends to sleep when they spend the night.
7. If food were a language you would speak:
Math bread (this question makes no sense by the way!!!).
A dark, mellow bitter-sweet chocolate pudding.
Birthday cake and ice cream.
Bran muffins and lots of coffee.
8. One month on a deserted island. One movie. You bring:
Real Genius.
Mary Poppins.
9. On your birthday you:
Take a meditative walk in a graveyard.
Calculate the number of seconds you’ve been alive, then compare that to the number of known stars in the galaxy.
Lead your birthday parade through the streets.
Enjoy the surprise birthday party you secretly helped plan.
Make a list of ALL the things you did awesome last year and all the awesome things you’ll do THIS year!
10. The flavor you feel the most cosmically connected to is:
Cherry berry
BLUE Raspberry
11. What age group are you in
Under 18 years old
18-24 years old
25-30 years old
31-40 years old
41-50 years old
51-60 years old
Over 60 years old
12. What is your gender
Quiz Commander

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